My name is Luke Anderson. I live in Cape May, NJ and am currently attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a Computer Science major. Dunno what to put here…

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  1. i was wondering y you made the case solid black instead of the old school red blue yellow white. what blocks did you use to secure the fan grills and stuff. If you could email me what you did that would be great. af.shibby@gmail.com

  2. Hey, I love this idea, and was thinking about using it for a computer I want to build. However, I wanted your opinion on it. I’m going to be making a gaming rig that will be as powerful as I can afford. With a much hotter running CPU and motherboard, do you think that the extra heat may damage a case of Lego? Also, as my computer would be much larger, how much more expensive do you think it would be?

    Any input on the feasibility of this is appreciated 🙂

  3. Hi Luke,

    Just a question what is the license of information posted on your blog?

    I would like to translate an publish some of it, but I cannot find the license or any othe mean of contacting you…

    • Hi,

      If you are just quoting text or images from the blog pages, simply crediting it to me is sufficient (e.g. providing a link to https://tfvlrue.wordpress.com and saying “Image/Text by Luke Anderson”).

      On the other hand, the design documents for the LEGO computer and LEGO router are released under the Creative Commons “by-nc-sa” license. Essentially, this means you can copy or adapt the work for noncommercial purposes provided attribution is given, and the same license is retained. Other usage would require permission. You can read the details here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

      Hope that clears it up! Let me know if you have any more questions. I would love to see where you are publishing it! 🙂



  4. I love your router and want to make mine identical. I got MLCAD running under Wine on my Linux box, (no Windows machines) but I’m unsure of how to upload the parts list to bricklink.com. Is there an easy way to upload the parts.txt file or do I need to search through bricklink and add each type of part individually?

    I looked all over the bricklink website and in MLCAD and Google’d it a couple times but can’t figure it out, so thanks for any reply!

    • Hi,

      BrickStore (http://www.brickforge.de/software/brickstore/) will do what you need it to do, and it comes in a Linux version too. You can import your own “.ldr” model if you made any changes (File > Import > “LDraw Model”), or open “Import of ModelComposite.ldr.bsx” to use the one that I made.

      Then you can go to File > Export > “BrickLink Wanted List XML to Clipboard”. It will put a bunch of XML data into the clipboard, and open a page on BrickLink. Paste the XML onto the webpage and you’ll have all the parts on your Wanted List!

      Hope that isn’t too confusing. Thanks for your interest!


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